Delta Galil’s Tech Revolution

The clothing market has seen a decline in economic activity due to COVID-19 reducing apparel demand. Despite the decrease in demand, there has been a spike in e-commerce clothing purchases as people have more time to browse the Internet at home and sift through grid thumbnails of apparel. GlobeNewswire reported that the pandemic’s detrimental effects have resulted in manufacturers’ cuts in spending and diminishing consumer loyalty and confidence due to fears of potential Coronavirus transmission. However, as some countries loosen restrictions and reopen their economies, retailers and brands are slowly gaining traction on the supply chain but still, it could be years before they have the opportunity to recover.

While this is the harsh reality for many retailers who don’t have the financial means to invest in new technologies, other companies began looking towards digital solutions that could enhance sales, improve customer experience and progress their digital efforts. Israel-based textile firm Delta Galil Industries were among the companies looking to move into the digital space, and with ByondXR’s VR solutions, they were able to do just that. The global manufacturer and marketer of branded and private label apparel products for men, women, and children have many notable brands under their umbrella, including 7 For All Mankind and Splendid. As the retail industries’ sales plummeted in the last year, Delta saw the potential in ByondXR’s apparel virtual showroom where they could showcase their brands and sell their collections without the need of physical interaction with buyers and breaking down geographical limits.


ByondXR’s virtual showrooms provide manufacturers with photo-realistic, 360-degree features and a seamless end-to-end sales solution. The showrooms can be personalized and tailored to align with brand design, and line-sheets for each buyer can be produced in minutes. The solutions provide an efficient and visually impressive experience, and the realism eliminates any feelings of absence from visual merchandising in a physical showroom. In the dynamic showrooms, merchandisers can take full advantage of integrated product lifecycle management and ordering systems, saving valuable time and reducing costs. The cloud-based tool allows buyers to view entire collections and comprise order lists from there, instantly.

Delta’s adoption of ByondXR’s technology has enabled the manufacturer to remain competitive in this challenging and fluid market. CEO of Delta Galil, Isaac Dabah, added “Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are absolutely reliant on the fastest, most dynamic and advanced remote technologies so it is essential that we find the highest-quality solutions to ensure our company can maintain its competitive edge and continue to deliver the innovative products our customers have come to expect.” As for the implementation of ByondXR’s technology, Dabah reinforced that it “effectively addresses our need to create exceptional online visual presentations, while reducing product delivery costs and saving time.” Working hand in hand with ByondXR’s visual showrooms, Delta Galil were able to make use of the VStitcher design software created by Browzwear to evaluate 3D samples of their apparel to be utilized throughout the sales process.

By using ByondXR’s visual showrooms, Delta Galil has revolutionized their sales process and remained competitive despite the pandemic constraints. As they continue to use ByondXR’s visual solutions and increase their digital efforts, the manufacturer appears to be on an upwards trajectory in boosting sales, increasing revenue, and adapting to the future of retail.

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